EDTW - Syntax-Highlighting
for COBOL, ASSEMBLER and SDF-procedures

Program languages ASSEMBLER and COBOL and command language SDF are recognized by an autodetect routine or specified file extensions.

Settings are available via menu:
more information on EDTW

EDTW - Navigation-Frame
for directories and remote files (openFT, FTP)

upgrading menu right mouse button
Select ...
Sorting ...
   Name ascending
   Name descending
   Date ascending
   Date descending
   Size ascending
   Size descending
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MAIL-S - as ASTI service in BS2000 (since OSD 6.0)

The program interface of MAIL-S is now available as a module OPGMAILS alternately to MAILUP. This module OPGMAILS contains no CRTE or SOCKET runtime components and maybe used without problems from all program languages und environments. The parameters are identical to the MAILUP interface, i.e. there are no changes neccessary in the calling program. Only the linking procedure must be changed to use the new module.

To initiate the ASTI service, start the delivered procedure MAILLIB(START.SERVICE)
more information on MAIL for BS2000

OPGCOM - new "Proxy" component FSendSRV
for Windows and Linux servers

Files sent to a PC by the function EDTWUPD of URLServer or by FSend and processed in EDTW, will be received and/or updated by the way of the new program FSendSRV. Thereby it's possible to send files to PCs not known by the BS2000 (e.g. LOGWEB).

FSendSRV offers also the possibility to receive such files in BS2000 using one central port (std: dynamic ports).
more information on OPGCOM for BS2000

MAIL-S and MAIL-R under z/OS

The product OPGMAIL is now available under operating system z/OS (IBM MVS). Almost all functions are identical to BS2000.
more information on MAIL for z/OS

OPGCOM - communication between BS2000 and PC

new functions:
modify BS2000 files / library elements with EDT for Windows: use BS2000 command EDTW, CFS Action Code EDTW or function EDTWUPD from URLServers
also: new BS2000 command FILESEND and TRAPSEND
more information on OPGCOM - PowerPoint 
more information on OPGCOM - PDF file 

VM2000 - administration in TAS

switch tape-devices and printers,
save configuration as procedure,
open console messages from all hosts, ...
more information on VM-Administration
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